Cartoon Hd, Cinema Box, Play Box, Movie Box: Movie streaming apps: Which should I use?

Cartoon Hd, Cinema Box, Play Box, Movie Box, Popcorn Time: Which One?

Video streaming is rapidly becoming more and more popular, and apps providing streaming or streaming-related services have been popping up all over in recent years. It looks like it's growing into the most popular way to view content online, whether it's on a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

The growth in popularity of video streaming on mobile phone is especially impressive. Nowadays, most smart phones can function like mini-TVs, as screens are getting larger and of higher definition. In the annual outlook of Cisco Systems for 2014, the tech company states that in 2013, mobile video represented 53& of total mobile traffic. By 2018, this will have risen to 69%.

As we can see, the big players are predicting that video streaming is here to stay, so it's useful to know which apps are out there, and how they compare. One of the most popular video streaming apps is Cartoon HD, which runs on Android 2.3 and later versions. We'll take a first look at this one, and then compare with some of the other top streaming apps available on the market.

About Cartoon HD

First of all, the Cartoon HD app is very intuitive for its users, It's easy to navigate through the app's interface, it's easy to search (and find!) what you want to watch, and the overall design is generally clutter-free where you can kik login. Also, the database division into genres works well and efficiently. All this reduces the time a user might need to get to watching his or her favorite movie or cartoon.

Second of all, the quality of the streaming material on Cartoonhd is generally very good. It's available for different resolutions, and often an HD version of the movie or cartoon of choice will be available. This is obviously a huge plus when it comes to selling points and being a better choice to stream videos through than the competition.

Moreover, the Cartoon HD video streaming app is available entirely for free, which is great, although most of its competitors don't charge a fee either. To access Cartoon HD's database and services, all you need to do is to download the app onto your device, no credit card needed.

There exists a point of caution here as well, though. Despite the Cartoon HD app having been developed to be used on Android devices, it is not available for sale in the Google Play Store. Instead, in order to access Cartoon HD's services, the user needs to acquire the app's APK and install it on his or her device this way. This process is a little more time-consuming than a regular download from the Play Store, but the good thing is that the Cartoon HD APK is widely available online, and the download link is usually accompanied by instructions from the publisher about how to install the APK on your device correctly.


Showbox is one of the most popular video streaming apps out there, not in the least because it's available for almost any platform and operating system. It cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store (or any other app store for that matter), but APK's and downloads are widely available on the internet, for all operating platforms, including non-mobile like a computer. The downloading process can be a but more complex than a simple app store download though.

To install Showbox on a computer you'll need a program like Bluestacks or ARC Welder in order to open the APK. This sounds complicated, but each download usually comes with a detailed description of the steps to follow when installing the APK on a computer.

Showbox contains many features, which is a plus, but a disadvantage is that in older versions of the streaming app the amount of features and the sort of heavy interface cause it to stop working sometimes. Fortunately there are many solutions available online, some very easy, but this can still be annoying.

Movie Box

Moviebox is a video streaming app for Android and iOS which contains a realtively large database of movies and videos. The content is very organised on Moviebox, and the categorisation feature is excellent. The interface overall is very simple and clear, which benefits the usability of the app to a great extent. Also, the fact that users can watch trailers on the app before streaming or downloading their video or movie of choice is a big plus.

cartoon hd apk

The installing process of the Moviebox app is a bit more complicated though. Like previously discussed apps, it's not available on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, so installation has to go through a client again, for example vShare. Your mobile phone will do most of the work once you installed the client, but the whole process can seem and feel a bit complex still.

Moviebox suffers from infrastructure problems sometimes, causing it to be temporarily unavailable for usage, but most of the free-of-charge video streaming apps experience issues in this area at one point or another. Moviebox releases enough updates on a regular basis to counter this issue.

Cinema Box

From the creators of another popular video streaming app called Playbox HD, Cinema Box is another good alternative for Cartoon HD. It's simple in its design, easy to use, and quick to navigate. The content is of high quality, and users can stream and download TV shows, movies, and videos. The app generally offers HD options, and some interesting features, such as the photo galleries of every movie in the database that can be viewed by the user at any time.

Cinema Box is available, in APK-form, for Android, and through an emulator it can also be installed on PC and iOS devices. The need for an emulator makes the whole process a bit cumbersome though, and some of the less frequent users of streaming apps may not have the patience or the knowledge to install it. The good thing is that, like for most of the other apps, online there are many instructions available as to how to deal with the Cinema Box APK (and possibly the Android emulator).

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is probably one of the most established and recognised names in the video streaming community. It has existed for years, and often has drawn comparisons to subscription-based video streaming service Netflix. The interface reminds us of Netflix, and the navigation is very easy, according to either genres or categories.

The app is available for all platforms, from Linux to PC, and from Android to iOS, and it can be installed in more than forty languages. The downloading of the app is realtively simple,because the official Popcorn Time website presents users with clear download links and instructions for all platforms.
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